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For the first time at this school, English Immersion Days were organized to improve our English-skills and to give us an impression of what an American job interview entails.

The immersion days were managed by both Mrs. Düwel and Olivia Hale, who is our English Teaching Assistant from the USA. Olivia also brought along  her friend Maddie to assist

and serve as another native English speaker with whom we could converse with and practice. We started our English experience on Monday morning with the expectation that we were to speak solely in English for the whole two days of our project.

After a short introduction of all students taking part and the agenda for that day, we were tasked with creating a resume for our dream jobs in the USA. We were required to paraphrase ordinary jobs and restructure their description as the most impressive work on earth! With this, we demonstrated that each of us would be the perfect candidate to hire.

With a step-by-step instruction of how to write the best job resume ever, with inclusion of superb special active verbs, we transformed our resumes into life! With our resumes, we were fitted to apply for the job we wanted in the future.

However, we quickly learned that the resume workshop would  be the easiest part of our programme. After lunch together, where we also communicated in English, we separated into groups. With the assistance of one of our three teachers for the day, we later tried to prepare ourselves for an unscripted job interview. The goal was to demonstrate our skills and experiences to the mock employer.  Overall, it was beneficial to ask all we ever wanted to know about the trials and tribulations of the American job interview, and we took a lot away from the mock interview experience.

After an intense day of job preparation, and experiencing the American job application, we later engaged in a cultural food exchange on the second immersion day. The school subsidised an American styled picnic, and each of the students prepared specific American dishes. We presented our dishes and explained how the food was prepared while getting to know our peers more closely.

On Wednesday, we prepared everything and had a  lovely barbecue! We shared the dishes we brought and spent the entire morning chatting and eating with our new companions.

For future students, or students who would be interested in improving their English skills in such a great surrounding, these kind of English Immersion Days would be a proper and instructive experience. This project was a true success, and I hope to participate again in the future!

Rebecca Schmidt (5th semester)