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English Immersion Days 16th/17th January 2018

For the second time at this school, English immersion days were organized by our language assistant Clare from England, her friend George and Mrs Düwel. The goal of these two days was to improve our English skills and to have an intercultural exchange with our visitors from Great Britain. The communication during these two days was only in English!

The first day started on Tuesday morning with a short introduction by Clare and George about their university life in the North of England and attractions / free time activities in the North of England. After that we separated into two groups. A few of us chose to conduct a case study and interviewed the two English students about university life. The other group had to choose a city from the North of England and prepare a trip there on a budget. This group was also divided into smaller groups to prepare a presentation. The goal of planning this was to see if a trip to one of these places would be possible.

Towards the end of the first day we planned our English afternoon tea for the next day. Everybody had to prepare a traditional English dish which we could eat the next day.

On the second day we enjoyed our afternoon tea with a lot of delicious food! We spent the day chatting and eating. These two days were a good opportunity to improve our English skills.

Our scones, sandwiches and chocolate cake!

Thank you for two informative days!

Valerie and Michael, second semester